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"I seriously don’t know any other brow product this good! I really did not think my brows would grow at all. I have tried for years and nothing has worked, even the typical castor oil! I used this and boom, growth in weeks. I love my brows now, never been able to say that!"

Kim D.

"I’ve been using this for almost a month now and my brows have grown within a couple of weeks. The organic ingredients have prevented break outs and I can walk out the house without rushing to do my eyebrows. It literally takes about 3 minutes!"

Jan W.

“My brows are EXTREMELY thick and wild. I love that this gel is organic but that it actually works. My eyebrows stay laid and styled all day without touching them even once."

Hanna L.

My eyebrows were always thin and sparse until I started using this product!

Renee C.

“It took a little longer than four weeks but I finally got growth in that bald spot. I am ordering more!

Marcella R.

"THIS is the best smelling toner I have ever used. It smells so tropical and unique. I spray the mist on my face everyday, probably more than I need."


"I have never been a fan of toners because I never saw a difference but not only does this smell great but it feels amazing in the morning and right before bed!"

Tracy M.

"I use the cleanser and then spray the toner on a cotton pad and remove my makeup with it. It is better than makeup wipes."


"This toner wakes me up and makes me feel alive before I go to work. It has become my skin caffeine."

Penelope N.

"I don’t know what else to say besides grade A product. My skin feels clean, hydrated, and soft. No kidding."


"Man. This beard oil is next level. My beard grew in a few weeks."

Korey W.

"I bought for my brother because his beard always looked extremely dry and he has been loving it! Worth the buy."

Hope K.

“I buy the scented version and it leaves my beard smelling good. I use it every morning."


"I bought the product just for my beard but have started using it on bald spots on my head and have seen growth in two weeks."

Malik T.

"My barber recommended I use this product and I have seen hair growth and less itchiness."


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