The Original Organic Eyebrow Gel

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The Original Organic Eyebrow Gel is an organic, plant-based formula that tames thick, unruly eyebrows and stimulates hair growth for thin brows.


  Organic        Cruelty-Free        Dermatologist-Tested

 #1 Eyebrow Serum That Works by Cosmopolitan
 Featured in Forbes, TIME, PopSugar & more
 One-Stop Shop for Perfectly-Shaped Eyebrows
 Services Customers with Common Brow Problems


100% Organic, Cruelty-Free, Lightweight Gel, Maximum Hold, Increases Hair Growth Naturally, Hair Growth Results In 3-4 Weeks, Styles, Sets, and Defines Brows, Nourishes Brows, Improves Brow Appearance

Great question! We have the answer. There is no better feeling than receiving compliments on your eyebrows. We all want a full, clean eyebrow look. The only way to achieve that look is a skincare routine with quality products. Look no further. Our products are carefully formulated with sensitive skin in mind and dermatologist-tested for optimal results. Save time in your everyday routine by applying this organic gel in a few brushes. Add to your night routine for hair growth. Be consistent and let the gel do all of the work. Watch your confidence shine in your dream eyebrow look! In fewer words, a GAME CHANGER for your brows.

Founder, Tania Speaks encountered bullying in school for having bushy eyebrows. She was too young to be professionally serviced and decided to cut her brows with a sharp razor. She returned to school with cut up brows. Frustrated with the continued teasing, Tania was determined to find a solution to grow her brows back and create a tamed look. The Original Organic Eyebrow Gel was born.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera and Vitamin E; Apply gel to brow wand and wipe excess product from around the base of the wand. Brush in short upward strokes in the direction of hair growth. Apply 2x/day for brow growth. Apply as needed for grooming and styling. Results vary per person.